Update on the Trenton TE Project


The Sidewalk and scenic turnout have been broken up into 3 separate projects.

1.  17357.00: The first Project is the sidewalk segment which is contained within the intersection improvement project with Route 230.  This was advertised on June 6, with bid opening on June 27. http://www.maine.gov/tools/whatsnew/index.php?topic=DOT_projects&id=389879&v=full-planholder

2.  17357.10:  Remainder of the sidewalk contained outside of the highway intersection intersection project.

3.  17357.20:  scenic turnout at the boat landing.

The .10 and .20 projects are to be designed and advertised by June of 2013.  These will follow the typical MaineDOT Project development process, and are being consultant designed.  Once we finalize the consultant contract, a stakeholder meeting will be held to discuss particulars, preferably on-site.  For the stakeholder's meeting we would like to have representation from the Town, Airport, and County.  Anticipated timeline for meeting is mid-July.

We will need to enter into agreement with the Town for the projects to memorialize the Town's maintenance responsibilities for the facilities (sidewalk and turnout), which are to be constructed as part of the projects.  This will need to be completed prior to advertising the .10 and .20 projects.

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