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Promoting Active Transportation  


Get Started!

The chapters in your school travel plan will be:

Just follow the links on the left to complete each section. Be sure to visit our page on additional resources. In addition to state, regional and local organizations, we will also post completed plans to this website. These examples may help you to organize your local efforts.

You don't need a lot of tools or money to make a school travel plan, but here are some suggestions:

  • Desktop tools
    • maps - make them yourself or get them from local or regional planners
    • school enrollment data
    • internet access and a projector
  • Field Evaluation Tools
    • notebooks or clipboards
    • digital cameras
    • global positioning units (gps)


Have fun, take lots of pictures, sponsor events like walk and bike to school day and never miss an opportunity to engage local leaders in promoting walking and bikiing.

Use the internet

There are many ways to promote your plan online:


School Travel Plans

Bike/ Pedestrian Plans

Examples from Around the Country