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Promoting Active Transportation  


Find the right people


Find a balance between the ideal, all inclusive committee and a practical working group that can complete the plan efficiently. One way to do this is to create a two-tier process with a small, nimble planning team and a larger, representative steering committee.

  • Steering Committee: launch the project, provide direction and review the plan
  • Planning Team - gather information, prepare plan and present it to the steering committee

This list of possible members of the Steering Committee and/or planning team is suggestive. The following roles appear on the attached form. Please download and complete the planning team and/or steering committee forms to indicate who you have selected for your project. As you assemble your team, please open this planning team and steering committee table to note who is involved.


  • Principal & other administration
  • PTA/PTO representative
  • Parents & students (especially students who already walk & bike to school)
  • Teachers (start with physical education & health teachers)
  • School nurse
  • Transportation director
  • School improvement, wellness or safety committee
  • School crossing guards
  • Facilities/custodian representative
  • Service learning team


  • Community members
  • Neighborhood association members
  • Local businesses
  • Local pedestrian, bicycle and safety advocates
  • Hospitals
  • Service Clubs (e.g. Rotary, Kiwanis)
  • Health Clubs
  • Health Insurance Companies

Local Government:

  • Elected officials and staff
  • Traffic engineer
  • Local planner
  • Public health representative
  • Public works representative
  • Law enforcement representative
  • State or local pedestrian and bicycle coordinator
  • Emergency Medical Service / Fire Department representative
Steering Committee Form Download Steering Committee Document
Planning Team Form Download Planning Team Document