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Promoting Active Transportation  


Inventory Local Assets and Needs


Your travel plan connects your school with residences and other public places. To get the process started, you can open the attached form to structure your description.

The following questions should be addressed on the form:

School Description

  • Name of School
  • Union/District
  • Location
  • Grade levels
  • Student population


BarriersClick to enlarge

  • safety
  • distance
  • road crossings
  • school policies

Parent's Involvement

School Policies

  • Travel policies
    • walking- maximum required distance
    • bicycling - permission, parking
    • bus - minimum distance
    • auto - pickup and drop off location
  • Arrival and dismissal policies
  • Provisions for after school activities
Take Pictures! Get outside! Engage the community in conducting a walking audit. Take pictures, mark trouble spots on maps and be sure to includes these specific issues among your objectives.

Further Details:

  • Written description of the school neighborhood such as urban, suburban or rural
  • Special CircumstancesDowload Inventory Document