Sullivan Waterfront Committee

Town of Sullivan

1888 Us Highway 1

Sullivan, ME  04664

Phone:  207-422-6282 

Fax:  207-422-4785


Committee Minutes

Maps and Surveys

Gordons Wharf Survey
Gordons Wharf Topo
Gordon's Wharf Overlay
Gordons Wharf Land Survey
(400 KB PDF 9/08/09)
Gordon's Wharf
Topographic Model

(NRCS) (92 KB PDF)
Gordon's Wharf
Site overlay map and
C concept Design

(1 MB PDF 4/28/10)
Flood Plain

Gordon's Wharf Floodplain Map
(1.2 MB PDF)

Gordons Wharf Sketch - BPL
Boat Ramp Location 1
Boat Ramp Location 2
Gordons Wharf Preliminary Sketch
Bureau of Parks and Lands
(1 MB PDF 12/04/08)
Revised Boat Ramp Concept #1
(214 KB jpg)
Revised Boat Ramp Concept #2
(225 KB jpg)
Concept 3 Gordon's Wharf South Ramp Gordons's Wharf North Ramp
Revise Boat Ramp Concept #3 (6/16/11) (996 KB PDF)
South Ramp (03/09/11)
North Ramp (03/09/11)
Sullivan Harbor Map Sullivan Harbor Map Survey Overlay
Sullivan Harbors and
Waterfronts Map
- Low Resolution (1.2 MB PDF 4/28/10)
Sullivan Harbors and
Waterfronts Map
- High Resolution (5.6 MB PDF 4/28/10)
Gordon's Wharf Survey Overlay
(6.3 MB GeoPDF)
Navigational Charts and Harbors Sullivan Harbors Charts Shoreland Zone
Sullivan Harbors Navigational Charts and Harbors
(3.5 MB PDF 01/06/11)

Sullivan Harbors Navigational Charts
(3 MB PDF 01/04/11)

Wetlands and
IWWH Shorezones

(450K PDF Revised: 11/23/09)


Gordons Wharf Sullivan Granite Warning Strong Currents
Sample Gordon's Wharf Interpretive Sign Sample Gordon's Wharf Granite Interpretive Sign Sample Warning Sign