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Strategic Planning and Environmental Programming
For Substance Abuse Prevention (SPEP)

Program Overview

Strategic Planning and Environmental Programming
For Substance Abuse Prevention (SPEP)
was launched to plan and implement programs for substance abuse prevention in Hancock County.  Recent events, including retailers selling alcohol to underage buyers and arrests of high school students for underage drinking highlight underlying challenges. 

Hancock County has demonstrated the capacity for coordinated public health and legal intervention efforts.  Healthy Hancock has been organized of over five years to address regional needs through our health, education and planning partners.

This plan builds upon Hancock County’s One Maine initiatives. It challenges coalition partners, local and county law enforcement and community-based organizations to work together in areas as diverse as enhancing substance abuse education in middle schools and high schools, providing information to adults through the media and point of sale programs, working with retailers to prevent underage alcohol sales and shoplifting, coordinating law enforcement with prevention and diversion programs and more.

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For more information, contact Jim Fisher at 667-7131.