Agenda and

Ellsworth Strategic Passenger and Recreation Center

Eastern Maine Community College Site Location Project

Assignment: Due Wednesday, May 6 in class. This should not take long and will replace the last quiz we planned for this class. Please contact me if you have any questions. Email jfisher@hcpcme.org or call 667-7131 during office hours.

Imagine that you are an environmental planner working with a site location team. Your team has been asked to recommend a site for a multi-modal transportation center in Ellsworth. The purpose of the center is to connect different modes of travel, such as cars, rail, buses and bikes. The site is likely to include parking, a building, a place for buses to pick up passengers and possibly a small transportation museum.

  1. Read background information on this project.
  2. Open the multilayerd PDF map of the Ellsworth core area. If you are unable to use the multilayer PDF, you may try this single layer file, but it will not allow you to see information as clearly.
  3. The most likely location for this facility to serve bikes, atvs, rail, cars, and buses is where the rail road tracks turn 90 degrees to the right.
  4. Zoom in on this area
  5. Now, open the Layer feature on the left side of the screen - see image below
  6. Note the environmental features that you can turn on and off
  7. Identify concerns, such as wetlands, floodplain, existing development, transportation access and slope (lines on the topographic image). Create a map that shows the features you want to emphasize.
  8. Print this map. Use pencils, pens, markers or whatever to indicate where you feel we should locate the STAR center.
  9. Type or hand write a paragraph or two explaining why you selected your preferred site.
  10. Turn in your assignment on Wednesday.

Sample Ellsworth Map