A - F F - M M - Z
Abbott House Frank Rea House MMA Leavitt Hall
Abel Hosmer(sic) House George Vose House MMA NROTC
Abel Rogers Daughter House Gray House MMA Pilot House
Abel Rogers House Grindle Cottage MMA President's House
Adams School Hanna F. Shepherd House MMA Sextant
Adams-Cate House Haralan (sic) House MMA Windlass
Henry Whitney House MMA-Binnacle
Agency Cottage (sic) Hezekiah(sic) Raven House MMA-Pennant
Agoncy (sic) Stable Holbrook Martin House Moses Cody, Jr House
Anchor Hooke House Nathaniel Parker House
Benjamin Gay House Hooper House Noah Mead/Warren Hibbert House
Bryant House Isaac Packer House Ober House
Capstan Ives / Ebenezer Perkins House Our Lady of Hope R.Catholic Church
Capt. Quick Memorial House J. Christian Estate Parish Hall, Unitarian Church
Capt. Roland B. Brown House Jake Doering Building Parson Mason House
Captain Brophy House James A. Webster House Pentagoet Hotel
Captain Elija Dyer House James Crawford House Perkins-Troit Double House
Captain James Christian House James Perkins House Raymond Bowden House
Captain Moses Gay House James Weeks House Richard Hunnenwall-David House
Castine Bank/Registry of Deeds Jeremiah Wescott House Robinson House
Castine Chandlery John Adams Commercial Building Rogers Boat House
Castine Chandlery John Brooks House Rogers Lawrence House
Castine House John Foster House Rufus Perkins House
Castine Patriot Office John H. Jarvis House Sally Ames House
Castine Town Common John Hibbert House Samuel Adams House
Charles Carson (sic) House John Lee House Samuel Littlefield House
Charles E. Jarvis House John Perkins House Sarah Cogswell House
Charles Francis Clark House John W. Dresser House Site of Otis Little House
Coombs Outbuilding Jonathan Louder House Stockbridge House (?)
Daniel Johnson House Joseph Dennett House The Barracks
Daniel Moore Farm Joseph Surrey (sic) House The Boat House
Daniel Whittier Cottage Joshua Carpenter House The Engine House
Dennett House Kneisel House Thomas Cobb House
Dennett' s Wharf Laura A. Stockbridge House Thomas E. Hale
Dennett's Sail Loft Laura A. Stockbridge House Trinitarian Congregational Church
Donald S. Doyle House Lawrence Weeks House Trinity Episcopal Church
Doty Little House Leach Memorial Hall Trinity Episcopal House
Dr. Harold Babcock House Leonar Gay House Unitarian Church
Dr. Oliver Mann House Lewis Brewster House Vogell House
Eaton House Lower School W.H.Witherle House
Eaton's Boat Brokerage Mary E. Warren Wardwell Camp
Eaton's Boat Yard Mary F. Wiliams House Westcott House
Ebenezer Perkins House Mason Shaw House William F. Sargent House
Edward Lawrence House Mel Dennett House William F. Sargent House (Until 1901)
Emerson Hall Methodist Parsonage William Freeman House
Esther Perkins House Michael Cosgrove House William Reidhead (sic)
F.A. Hooke House MMA Admissions William Walker House
Fort George MMA Buoy Willis Ricker Store
Fort Pentagoet MMA- Compass Wilson Museum
  MMA Dismukes Hall Witherle Memorial Library
  MMA Fieldhouse Wm, John, Frederick. Jarvis House